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Award winning

Yacht design & curation services

Designing your own superyacht is a truly personal experience, it involves making a vast amount of choices.

DEZARNAULDS will help guide you through, with a seamless design process to make the journey an enjoyable one from concept to launch.


Living spaces on land

Superyachts are now influencing living spaces on land, with owners wanting to embody the nautical feel of a luxury vessel in their homes. With their considerable experience and artistic eye, DEZARNAULDS is able to capture the sleek, innovative design and maritime aesthetic of a superyacht within a luxury coastal dwelling.




Client’s representative

DEZARNAULDS manage a seamless design experience to create your perfect superyacht. We will liaise between you and the creative team, ensuring a flawless process from designing the internal spaces, assessing form and function, selecting objets d’art and ensuring sustainability and timelessness.



Operating under the same guiding principle of yacht design – namely that everything has to fulfil the requirements of both form and function – DEZARNAULDS residential expert team can imbue your living space with the ambience of some of the most luxurious ships in the world.



As superyachts get larger so does the space on board for the owner’s collection. DEZARNAULDS can curate an art collection to enhance the style and character of the vessel, supervising the handling and placing of each piece to ensure these precious works have optimum lighting.